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Forget the stress and hassle of renting out properties.

We will give you a guaranteed rental income with no expensive voids between tenants, and take away most of the hard work, stress and risk of being a landlord.

We will lease your property from you, normally for 2 to 3 years and become YOUR tenant. So your cashflow is safe and guaranteed.

We will then take responsibility for all aspects of sourcing out the property to working professionals and similar as Serviced Apartment guests, so you then have no worries about selecting and managing who stays, collecting the dues, paying bills, caring for the property etc.

Our guests are discerning professionals looking for high quality living spaces while away from home - we are competing against hotel rooms, so we will maintain your property to a very high standard at our own expense, take care of maintenance and cover repairs from any guest damage, all at our own cost. We check and select our guests to ensure they will meet our own high standards. And as mentioned before, we are responsible for their behaviour, for collecting payment from them and for marketing the serviced apartments via channels such as Booking.Com.

Meanwhile you do NOT get called out, do NOT have to organise safety certificates, do NOT have to manage repairs, do NOT have to get involved with people day-to-day. We take away all those headaches.

So not only will your property be generating you a safe and guaranteed cashflow, but it will be stress free and hassle free, leaving you to get on with your own life.

Any questions or comments, or to find out more, please call us on 0208 191 7959 or mail us at info@ferndaleproperty.co.uk





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